BEAM! – the name of this nine-piece band is a statement in itself, because they really do light things up. And that’s exactly what renowned composer and saxophonist Stephan Mattner’s concept is all about. Based in Cologne, he has gathered eight of the Rhine-Ruhr jazz scene’s most prominent musicians around himself.
Together, they create their own new music, borrowing from jazz, pop, heavy, minimal, modern and film music, which they present here for the first time on Pure. 

„It was a delight to watch this young group progressively gain in both confidence and enjoyment as the set progressed, … . The compositions were characterful, notably some Kenny Wheeler-inspired melodic wordless pieces, in which vocalist Filippa Gojo was very effective in the kind of role in which Norma Winstone has excelled for decades.“
London JazzNews 30.1.2015

… a new force on the current music scene… , … bringing unbelievable energy and motion to the stage, and above all expression, diverse melodies, and astounding improvisations – both individual and as a group. Jazz lives. Modern music lives. “
Jazzpodium April 2016

… you cannot help but stop and listen. This open-hearted music draws you in and puts you under its spell…

Filippa Gojo // vocals
John-Dennis Renken // trumpet
Katrin Scherer // alto sax_clarinet
Stephan Mattner // tenor sax_flute
Wolf Schenk // bass trombone
Roman Babik // keyboard
Andreas Wahl // guitar
Sebastian Räther // electric bass_sequenzer
Nils Tegen // drums